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Older Publications


  • Vohradsky J, (2012) Stochastic simulation for the inference of transcriptional control network of yeast cyclins genes. Nucleic Acids Res 40: 7096-103. 


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  • Munzarova V.,Panek J., Gunisova Ss., Danyi I., Szamecz B., Valasek L., (2011) Translation reinitiation relies on the interaction between eIF3a/TIF32 and progressively folded cis-acting mRNA elements preceding short uORFs. PLoS Genet 7: e1002137.
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  • Paleckova, P., Felsberg, J., Bobek, J., Mikulik, K.(2007) tmRNA abundance in Streptomyces aureofaciens, S. griseus and S. colinus under stress-inducing conditions, Folia Microbiol (Praha)52, 463-470. 


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